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Four Sparrows, Chapter 2, Scenes 2+3

Felipe tipped him off about ships sailing east, allowing him to rendezvous with a ship that still had space. Would they take him with so little money? He could barely afford steerage with what he had, in addition to the … Continue reading

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Four Sparrows: A Tale of Race and Survival in the California Gold Rush. Chapter 1, Scene 1

Here’s a sneak peak at my book. Below is the opening scene, hopefully a nice teaser. Ask for the book at your local bookstore, or hop on to Amazon to order your copy. Happy reading! Chapter One:┬áDestination They sailed past … Continue reading

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Inadvertent Racism and Black English

Difference is often looked down upon by the majority rather than cherished. Inadvertent racism rears its head occasionally too. An example of accidental genetic racism is the Ebonics fiasco of the Oakland school board. It came on the tail end … Continue reading

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Filipinos in the California Gold Rush

Part of the inspiration for my first book, with a Filipino protagonist, was discovering Filipinos in the California Gold Rush. You can see in the picture here that there were multiple, not many, but still a presence. This census page … Continue reading

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