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Four Sparrows, Chapter 1, Final Scene

Jungdo witnessed how the barbarians mixed up dates. Instead of ordering time by the year, month, and day, they couldn’t make up their minds. Some ordered it by month, day, and year; the French ones wrote day, month, and then … Continue reading

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The Problem with Pride

Gay pride weekend, affectionately referred to by many as Pride Weekend, is when more than ever you will find naked white men (some of them straight) who parade themselves in the Castro district, the epicenter of the City’s gay community. … Continue reading

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Women, Equal Pay, and Student Loans

According to an April 26, 2012 US News and World Report article “Women May Have Tougher Time Paying Student Loan Debt Due to Gender Pay Gap” women are disadvantaged when it comes to student debt. This correlation is obvious, though … Continue reading

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