Links to Historical Documents

Below are links to original documents in US History that altered the American landscape with regard to race and ethnicity. And as an added bonus a link to all the writings of all the early Church Fathers!

1639 to 1682 first colonial laws creating race, and exclusions based on race – a collection of laws that created a distinction between non-Christian and non-European. This allowed laws against non-believers to be maintained once Africans converted to Christianity. The focus was mainly regarding Africans and Native Americans.

1783 Constitution of the United States

1808 Congress bans importation of slaves from Africa. Though even in my genealogical research it is clear it continued to occur.

1820 Missouri Compromise – Congress outlaws slavery in the north

1850 CA Law for the Governing of Native Americans

1850 CA Foreign Miners Tax – first tax on foreign miners, went into affect in April 1850. See the book Three Years in California: William Perkins’ Journal of Life at Sonora 1849-1852 for more details.

1863 President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation – As Commander in Chief during the Civil War, all slaves were freed. Slavery itself, based on race, was outlawed nationwide after the war.

1870 CA enacts school segregation.

1880 CA repeals school segregation.

1882 Chinese Exclusion Act – Congress makes it illegal in most cases for someone Chinese to immigrate to the United States.

1902 CA enacts school segregation again.
[Blogger’s note, my grandmother attended an integrated elementary school (Sheridan Grammar) from 1917-1925 and an integrated high school (Mission High) from 1925-1929 in San Francisco.]

1919 Congress passes the 19th Amendment: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

"McLaughlin, Mrs. Adeline" my great-grandmother in the San Francisco, CA voter registration index from 1916.

“McLaughlin, Mrs. Adeline” my great-grandmother in the San Francisco, CA voter registration index from 1916.

1924 Immigration Act – essentially set immigration quotas based on the 1790 census to ensure the people immigrating were anglophiles (and Protectant Christian) as much as possible.

1933 CA expands previous anti-miscegenation laws to prohibit Filipinos in addition to Chinese and Japanese from marrying whites.

1948 CA repeals anti-miscegenation laws

1952 Immigration and Nationality Act – repealed much of the previous discrimination, allowed non-white immigrants to become citizens.


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  1. Lisa H. (MEPDF) says:

    Hi Daniel, I hope you’re well. I thought of you and your book when I learned about the World Premier of “Girls of the Golden West” by the SF Opera Nov 2017. I thought you may be interested in their telling of the Gold Rush.

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