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New Quotes Page

I’ve launched a new quotes page. More will be added over time. Most of these touch an aspect of identity such as language, citizenship, religion, or class. “We cannot free ourselves unless we move forward united in a single desire.” – Emilio Aguinaldo, … Continue reading

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Inadvertent Racism and Black English

Difference is often looked down upon by the majority rather than cherished. Inadvertent racism rears its head occasionally too. An example of accidental genetic racism is the Ebonics fiasco of the Oakland school board. It came on the tail end … Continue reading

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Filipinos in the California Gold Rush

Part of the inspiration for my first book, with a Filipino protagonist, was discovering Filipinos in the California Gold Rush. You can see in the picture here that there were multiple, not many, but still a presence. This census page … Continue reading

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Genealogy Tips and Tricks

To supplement the Genealogy Starter Kit, here are some genealogy tips and tricks I’ve learned. These have helped me when I find myself going down the wrong path or when one branch of the family seems at first to have … Continue reading

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Genealogy Starter Kit

Need a New Year’s resolution? Why not research your family tree? Here’s your genealogy starter kit. You may find there were questions you didn’t even know you had. It can explain why you grew up where you did or why … Continue reading

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